SES Intern 2012 Winner

Name: Robert Kellett
University: Brunel University
Degree: (BEng) Computing & Electronic Engineering

Placement: Texas Instruments
Job Title: Engineering Intern
Duration: August 2011 – August 2012

What Robert achieved throughout his Internship

Robert was hired to initially look at ASIC design, simulation and test of a circuit; an exercise that he completed efficiently and that was more aligned with his studies.

They had to turn the table a little on him and for the majority of his time, he worked on projects that challenged his skills but were however time critical to their business. So he had pressure to learn and perform at the same time with some complex subjects thrown at him.

Excellent achievements for someone to complete in just a handful of months, given that Robert didn’t know much about Linux or the applications that he would need to tackle.

Why he was held as the ‘best of the best’ Intern

Karen of Texas Instruments, added: “Robert achieved very good results on subjects that he had not covered at University, in a company environment where there was an amount of change and uncertainty occurring, and with great spirit and confidence that he could achieve what he set out to do. In the end he exceeded our expectations in both technical skill, attitude, and the ability to adapt to the business world.”

In the end they valued very much the skills that he demonstrated to the extent that they felt they needed to hire him 1 year+ before the start date.

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