Successful Candidates

“The team at SES was extremely helpful throughout the process of finding myself a permanent position at a world leading organisation. Through Mubeen’s fast response and hard work, I was able to attain this position to which I am truly grateful. I recommend these consultants above all others which I have tried to deal with. Thank you for all your hard work!”
Samuel P, Incoming Certification and Standards Engineer – BSc (Hons) MEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering, , University of Bristol

“I have been very impressed with the friendly and professional service provided by SES throughout the process of applying for my placement. Mubeen, Ellie and the rest of the team kept me up to date at every stage of the process and dealt with any questions I had very quickly. I am now looking forward to starting my placement next year, thanks to the team at SES!”
Caleb B, Incoming Data Analyst Intern 2018 – BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Geography, University of Exeter

“Having to search for a placement is tough and sometimes getting support in the application process is difficult. However, with SES the amount of support and guidance on every stage of the application process has been amazing! Special thanks go out to Mubeen for his guidance and willingness to answer any type of question regardless big or small! I strongly recommend working with SES to any students who are struggling to find an internship or placement.”
James C, eCommerce & Retail Intern – BA (Hons) International Business & Management, Aston University

“Thanks to SES’s prompt service, encouraging calls and tips during my interviews, I was able to guide myself in securing a 12-month placement.  Must say from day one, Mubeen has been a great support! Have already recommended this service to my friends who are looking to secure a placement and would also suggest you take their help!”
Ishita S, Events Intern – BA (Hons) Business Management with Entrepreneurship, University of Westminster

“I really struggled with my 12-month placement search until I came across SES. The immense support I received from Mubeen throughout the entire process felt so personal. This regular contact included editing assistance regarding my CV and Cover Letter for applications and tips for both interview stages. Mubeen continued to check-up on me during and after the success of achieving a placement and the ongoing reassurance of being available to answer any questions I may have going forward. I have highly recommended the service to others since and will continue to do so as this almost one-on-one support feel has been invaluable.”

Holly W, Sales and Marketing Intern – BSc (Hons) Fashion Marketing, University of Manchester

“The assistance I got from SES at every stage of my application process was incredibly helpful and resulted in securing a 12-month placement; with special thanks to Mubeen who has been happy to give me answers any time I asked. SES have been really well-organised and professional but they also guide you in a friendly and approachable way. Once again many thanks for all your support.”

Weronika W, International PR Coordinator – BA (Hons) Public Relations, Bournemouth University

“SES have been a massive help throughout the process of securing my placement. Mubeen has been especially helpful in providing me with all the information and tips I needed to be successful. He was happy to help all hours of the day and I never felt like any question was too ridiculous to ask as he was very reassuring and supportive. Even the support I received after accepting my offer was great; SES stayed in touch throughout, ensuring I understood everything and was happy about my decision. ”

Niamh M, eCommerce & Retail Intern – BA (Hons) Marketing, Portsmouth University

“I really appreciate the assistance I got from SES at every stage of my application process. I was in regular contact with Mubeen who not only helped me with my application, but also answered quickly any question I had. I would recommend SES to any student out there seeking placement, as I doubt that you will find this level of personal service elsewhere.”

Adam S, Supply Chain Assistant – BA (Hons) Business Enterprise Development, University of Portsmouth

“SES have been very helpful throughout the process of securing a 12-month placement. I was in regular contact with Mubeen and Ellie and thanks to their efficiency, I had a placement offer the day after my interview. SES have a friendly team and have made this journey for me, a smooth and stress-free one. I would more than happily recommend SES to any student seeking a placement.”

Thomas M, Data/Modelling Analyst – BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Plymouth University

“The people at SES were extremely helpful throughout the application process, especially with helping me to make sure my CV and covering letter were as good as they could be. I would definitely recommend SES to anyone looking for a student placement!”

Suzy H, Research Scientist/Engineer (Sludge Energy) – MEng Chemical Engineering, University of Swansea

“I had a great experience with SES. I was looking to secure a 12-month-placement in the tourism industry in order to further improve my skills and grow professionally. Thanks to SES, I found an interesting placement and decided to apply. Within two weeks after receiving Mubeen’s first email, I had a placement secured. He guided me through the whole selection process, while his colleague Ellie helped me with paperwork. They were both friendly and professional, always willing to answer all my queries. I had plenty of guidance with preparing for the interview and paperwork. I cannot speak highly enough of the service and staff. I recommend any student or graduate to apply for a placement via SES. Thank you so much for your help, SES!”

Paola L, Italian eCommerce Operations Intern – MA in Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Salerno

“I would like to thank SES, especially Ellie for helping me secure my placement with Thames Water in the area of Water Treatment. Ellie provided prompt feedback and was on hand to help out with any problems. I would recommend SES to those looking for placement opportunities.”

Angus P, Water Process Intern – BSc Chemical Engineering, University of Bath

“I would like to thank SES for all the help I received towards my placement, especially from Mubeen and Ellie who greatly helped with my application and getting me prepared for my placement. Only shortly after applying I was contacted by Mubeen recommending improvements to my application. This was very helpful and I may not have secured my placement without this advice. I would definitely recommend SES to anybody looking for a student placement.”

Robert S, Data Analyst Intern – BSc Mathematics with Finance, Plymouth University

“I was very lucky to have found SES, who helped me secure a 12 month chemical engineering placement. In a very competitive field, SES namely Ellie, aided me through out the whole process and gave fantastic advice. It is a very professional service, one I have recommended to my friends.”

Adeel H, Waste Water Intern – BEng Chemical Engineering, Aston University

“SES has really helped me secure a fantastic placement that was a stretch from what my degree could have attained. They were prompt and informative throughout and advised me on what was best for the job I wanted. SES made a potentially difficult process a lot simpler with their excellent advice and experience. They are a much appreciated helping hand particularly Ellie who helped me through the whole process. I would recommend SES placements and searching to anyone in need of a professional placement during their degree.”

Matthew B, Research Scientist/Engineer – BSc(Hons) Chemistry, University of Surrey

“I am a 2nd year mathematics student and SES were very helpful with me finding an ideal placement which suits my degree course and the industry I wish to enter after I graduate. Mubeen helped me make improvements to my CV and cover letter during the application which really helped me secure my placement. They were regularly communicating with me throughout the application process and Mubeen even called me after my interview to see how it went which was a nice personal touch. I would highly recommend SES to any student seeking work experience opportunities.”

Kwakye K, Data/Modelling Analyst – BSc Mathematics – University of Wolverhampton

“I would like to thank the team of SES, especially Mubeen, who has been such a great help. He has contacted me on LinkedIn and made me aware of the opportunities SES offers. Throughout the application process I could always contact them and ask them about all the queries I had. Within a few days after submitting the application I was offered an interview. The consultants from SES were always very friendly, professional and most of all helpful. After I have signed the contract they were still regularly in touch with me and provided useful information and documents. I can recommend SES to all students and graduates looking for a great opportunity to gain professional work experience.”

Marleen H, eCommerce Operations Intern – MSc Business Administration (M.B.A.), Marketing – University of Rome

“I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with SES, I was looking to secure a 12 month placement to complete between my second and third year of Uni. Within a week of my first contact with Mubeen at SES I had a placement secured! The service from start to finish was friendly and professional. I had plenty of help and guidance with writing a cover letter and CV and any queries I had were answered extremely quickly. I cannot speak highly enough of the service and staff and would recommend SES to everyone looking for student placements or graduate jobs.

Mollie R, Communications Assistant Intern – BA(Hons) Business & Marketing Student, University of Lincoln

“I would like to thank the team of SES, especially to Caroline who helped me with all the paperwork and Mubeen that assisted me so much along the selection process and throughout all of the stages of the interview. Without them, this opportunity of participating in a graduate programme in one of the largest and most prestigious companies in the control engineering field would not have been possible.

Roberto P, Manufacturing Automation Engineer – Msc Automation & Control Engineering, Edinburgh Napier University

“Being a final year student, I was seeking legal Internship opportunities so that I could climb the stepladder to careers in Law. I applied through my university’s career portal where I came across the perfect opportunity. I was successful and I was able to secure this Internship thanks to SES. There is a saying that goes ‘give credit where credit is due’, I was also able to secure this Internship more specifically through the student recruiter Mubeen, whom without I would not have been able to gain the wonderful opportunity of interning as a Paralegal. I am truly grateful for all his hard work and praise his professional yet kind support. I really appreciate that he took the time to contact me each step of the way, Thank you Mubeen! I recommend SES to all future graduate students in the hope that they can share the same positive experience that I have had!

Asha M, Paralegal Intern – LLB Law, University of Westminster

“I applied to a job advertised by SES and was contacted the following day with questions regarding my CV, availability and restrictions, and in less than one week they got me an interview and subsequently my new job. The people I contacted with were a pleasure to talk to as they were very friendly and helpful, helping me with my queries and keeping me in the loop at all times. I definitely recommend them.

David M, Manufacturing Chemist Engineer – PhD in Chemistry, University of Edinburgh

“As a second year student, I was seeking a placement within the Marketing/PR field with opportunities to learn and grow as a student in preparation for a career after my studies.

I did struggle to find a placement due to my course background. Studying Psychology & Business, my degree is not directly related to the field in which I sought opportunities.

However, Student Employment Services helped me find a role perfect for my qualifications, studies and employment history. With special help from Mubeen throughout my application, I was offered advice to help improve my CV and tailor my cover letter for the role. As well as this, I was offered advice on how to be a successful candidate in the interview.

I have secured the perfect placement thanks to the help provided by SES, and the guidance did not stop after an offer. The people at SES have helped me through any queries I have had about finalising my contract, enabling me to start my placement as soon as possible.

I would recommend SES to any ambitious student seeking invaluable experience in a great company.

Thank you for your help SES!”

Manreet A, International PR Coordinator Intern – BSc (Joint Hons) Psychology & Business, Aston University

“As a second year student studying Events Management, I undertook the task of searching for a placement position within the events industry. After many months of applying to certain companies and cooperations, I finally came across Student Employment Services and I couldn’t be more grateful for the help and advice I received from them.

From the outset I felt as though I was being guided through my search, with special thanks to Mubeen for helping me to finalise my CV and covering letter, along with helpful hints and tips to prepare me for interviews. Thanks to SES I have secured an amazing placement for the next year which I cannot wait to begin!

I would highly recommend SES to all students searching for a placement role.”

Hannah C, Events Intern – BA (Hons) Events Management, Bournemouth University

“After a few months of applying, unsuccessfully, for various placements with little guidance from other recruitment services I stumbled across SES and a fantastic Communications placement advertised there. I was pleasantly surprised at how much support I was given throughout the process. Even from my initial application I was always receiving updates about what was going on and the stage that my application was at. This was a huge relief as going through recruitment services often left me feeling forgotten about. With SES, even when there was no news they would email me just to let me know what was going on at the other end, which was very reassuring. Before my interviews, I was always asked how my prep was going and offered any last minute advice and tips, which were very helpful.

SES (particularly Mubeen’s hard work) made the entire process run much more smoothly than others I had previously experienced and were always quick to respond to me. I really appreciate everything they did for me in helping me secure an exciting 12-month placement that I can’t wait to start! I would definitely recommend SES to any student looking for a work placement.”

Rosie S, Communications Assistant Intern – BA (Hons) English Literature, University of Surrey

“I was aiming to secure a placement opportunity, preferably a 12 month internship, and as soon as the internship as an E-commerce and Retail intern arised, it was my prime objective.

I would have not been able to do this without SES, more specifically Mubeen, as the experience of the application process ran smoothly, whether it was communicating with the company or giving me tips for the interviews. All emails were also dealt with instantly and any doubts or queries were managed promptly and efficiently.

I felt I always had support throughout the whole application process. Even though I was not aware of the fact that SES was the intermediary between myself and the company, I would definitely recommend SES when hunting for a placement in the future as the confidence, help and support they offer you is unconditional.”

Sahil K, eCommerce & Retail Intern – Bsc (Hons) Sports Management, Bournemouth University

“I came to SES having previously experienced a number of different student employment schemes which amounted to little more than bureaucracy and empty promises. SES both sought out and guided me through the process of applying for a dream job in an industry which would have been impossible alone.

The level of professional career and personal advice I received from SES was unmatched and this combined with intelligent and caring correspondence lead to me gaining my first employment after university.

I couldn’t possibly be happier in my new role and more grateful for SES for all the help they provided.”

Oliver S, Technical Analyst and Software Developer – BEng (Hons) Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Birmingham

“Finding my internship via SES was brilliant as the lovely staff offered me support, encouragement and advice from the beginning. The genuine determination to find their candidates employment shines through. Having that communication gave me the confidence I needed to secure my position”

Catherine M, HR & SHEQ Intern – BA (Hons) Sociology Graduate, Sheffield Hallam University

“My experience with SES has been great throughout, from setting up my Cover Letter and CV to communicating with the company I applied for. The advice I was given certainly helped me feel more confident about being successful in the interview and helped me get the job. I recommend SES to anyone applying for placements, especially if you need help with your CV/Cover Letter.”

Duncan P, eCommerce & Retail Intern – BA (Hons) English & Creative Writing, University of Portsmouth

“I wanted to secure a 12 month industrial placement as that I could gain beneficial insight into the career I want to go into. For myself, I thought the best way to make myself stand out against others when I apply for graduate jobs, is already having the experience and skills which were available by undertaking a year in industry.

Throughout the entire application process, SES helped and supported me to make sure that my CV and Cover Letter were the best possible standard that they could be. Any queries I had were always responded to quickly and with a helpful answer and I was given feedback and tips from SES on how I could make my application better. I was also given a lot of advice for my interview on what kind of things would make a good impression. I believe all of the help I was given from SES was really key and helped me to secure the role. It was really reassuring to have extra advice and this definitely gave me more confidence when interviewing for the position. I absolutely would recommend SES to others when looking for placements in the future, it was simple to use and has helped me immensely.

I hope to have a really productive year of learning within the role I have secured which might not have been possible without SES’s guidance.”

Grace C, Communications Assistant Intern – BA (Hons) English, Coventry University

“SES helped me through finding the placement and preparing my application. My Student service advisor went through the whole process with me and supported me through interview preparation and kept me updated through the nomination process.

I am very happy that I chose SES as my recruiter, as they are friendly and informative. You can make sure they give you all the support they can. Their bank of information regards the employers are very rich and they try to fit you in the industry and position that suits you the best.

SES helped me to get a 12 months placement as a Supply Chain Assistant I wanted and my overall experience was very satisfying.”

Nasrin S, Supply Chain Assistant – BA (Hons) Business Management, University of Northumbria

“What was impressive with SES was their level of pro-activeness, something in my experience that has been hard to find at a recruitment agency. They contacted me regularly to give me updates regarding the progress of my application and when I got my interview, they asked me how my interview preparations were. I wish that I could use their services again to search for my next job up the career ladder. However I would be more than happy to recommend their excellent services for other up and coming graduates that I know of.”

Eddie W, Technical Process Analyst Intern – (BEng) Computer, Networks and Communications Technology, Coventry University

Student Employment Services provided advice and guidance every step of the way. The service offers specialised and tailored services to both graduates and the employers. As a graduate, I was offered an opportunity to work in a professional environment and gain valuable key skills and contacts within the industry. Thus, this leading provider can offer you a diverse range of jobs including opportunities with global firms and fantastic team who will support you throughout the entire process.”

Daria L, Temp at Delete Blood Cancer UK – MA in Journalism, Kingston University

“SES provided an excellent and professional service throughout the entire application process. They were prompt to answer any queries I had. If SES did not have the information I was looking for, they would contact the employer directly to provide me with the answers. Once I had progressed to the interview stage SES gave me a selection of interview dates to choose from. Additionally SES included a structure to which the interview was based around, this allowed me to focus my interview preparation and I believe helped me secure the job. Thank you SES!”

Matthew H, Materials and Process Modelling Engineer – Ph.D. candidate in Advanced Metallic Systems, University of Sheffield

“I also wanted to say, my experience with recruiters so far has been truly awful, an experience shared by pretty much everyone else I know that was or has been looking for work. Allow me to say that you guys, on the other hand, are doing a fantastic job, and not because I got this one, but because of your willingness to actually help someone get a job and being a thoroughly nice person through the process. When I’ve dealt with people in your line of business, they’ve systematically been unhelpful, unpleasant, generally outright uninterested, and appearing to be rather thick. So a really big difference, thanks again.”

Federico C, Emerging Markets Intern – MSc Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London

“I would like to thank Student Employment Services, especially Mubeen for all their help in securing my new position with the UM Group as a Junior Design Draughtsman. Mubeen was very helpful and any queries I had throughout the process he was always on hand to help. Once again many thanks Mubeen for all your support.”

Jon W, Design Draughtsman – BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology, Liverpool John Moores University

“Through-out the recruitment process, SES has been exceptionally supportive and have maintained an honest professional standard of communication. I was kept up to date with the progress of my application and Mubeen from SES was always available to provide assistance or answer any questions. After an interview, SES made quick progress and regularly updated me until I was offered the job. I look forward to keeping relations with SES whilst working at Bradken.”

Jehanzeb A, Mechanical Design Engineer – MSc Energy & Enviroment, University of Leeds

“I first came across SES through my university and found it very helpful to my search for an internship. The recruitment process with SES was excellent; they were always quick to respond to any questions I had and provided very helpful and clear information to me. I was especially appreciative of Mubeen who I found to be particularly supportive and friendly during the process; he always gave me clear information and was happy to provide help whenever I needed. After I was offered a position at Coppenrath and Wiese, SES were quick to get in touch to congratulate me and start to put together the employment contract. I would definitely recommend SES, I could not have asked for a better service. I am delighted with the Commercial Business Internship I have secured at Coppenrath and Wiese through SES and cannot wait to start!”

Lucy H, Commercial Business Intern – Bsc (Hons) International Business Management, University of Northumbria

“Upon seeing the perfect placement online, I immediately applied and within days SES had contacted me to set up an interview. Efficient, to-the point and extremely personable; I found the staff to be most helpful in organising the placement and making sure the process ran as smoothly as possible. I would recommend SES without hesitation, as my experience so far has been without fault. Thank you all for all your help!”

Shrina S, Audit Intern – BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Statistics and Financial, Queen Mary University of London

“I’m writing to you to give my personal references on the services provided by SES. Their consultants had given clear instance of being excellent professionals in supporting my application. They initially got in touch with me to ask for detailed information about my profile and motivations for the position.

They carefully evaluated the strengths/weaknesses of the candidate’s profile against the requirements of the job position. They diligently acted as an intermediary between the candidate and the client in a clear, timely and efficient manner. Finally, they have been readily available for any query coming from the candidate (and the client) and provided clear guidance through the process.

I would like to spend positive words on SES; the company is efficient and provides an excellent service to employers and candidates. Being a candidate, I particularly appreciated the noticeable value of the service as a great tool to access the job market for young candidates approaching new challenges.”

Michele M, Commodity Sales Intern – Masters Science in Finance, University of Luigi Bocconi

“I have had a great experience working with SES Recruitment. Their approach was professional and efficient, always keeping me updated on my application process and providing me with the answers I need. I would recommend anyone looking for new opportunities to get in touch.”

Carmen A, GMO Contract Service Specialist Intern – BA (Hons) Mircobiology, University of Nottingham

“My experience with SES has been nothing short of excellent. The whole recruitment process was handled in a fast and efficient manner that resulted in a job offer for Quality Project Coordinator position.

Having had previous experiences with other agencies, I must say SES (and in particular Mubeen) are a cut above the rest in terms of the support they provide, both in regards to my application and on more personal aspects (such as relocation), and their friendly and positive attitude.

I look forward to collaborating with SES and their client over the course of my 12 months placement and would highly recommend SES to any potential candidate.”

Armand S, Quality Project Coordinator – Mechanical Engineering, University of Aberdeen

“A fantastic service with friendly and extremely helpful consultants. I will definitely be recommending SES to friends in the future.”

James F, Supply Chain Intern – BA (Hons) Germanic Studies with Dutch, University of Sheffield