We provide three key services in order to take care of every aspect of sourcing and/or employing students and graduates on your behalf. We fully appreciate that every client has different requirements and therefore we offer the following range of services to ensure we meet our clients every need.

Sourcing & Selection

We offer bespoke sourcing & selection solutions to all employers in the private and public sectors and tailor packages specific to the requirements of our clients.

  • We will manage your campaign and advertise your vacancies on our website and directly with all universities, career centres plus with our partner sites.
  • All applications which are received on our fully integrated online system are then assessed and matched to your job specification.
  • We will look after all applications, queries and administration not just from students and graduates, but also University work placement tutors and careers centres etc.
  • We will screen and shortlist the most suitable candidates for each position, which can then be considered by you for interview.
  • Organising and scheduling interviews and assessment days.
  • Referencing and performing any required credit and personal checks.
  • No upfront recruitment fee charges – You only pay IF you succesfully hire the candidate through us.


We have the facility to employ students and graduates on behalf of the employer. Many businesses that face restrictions on increasing their headcount benefit from this service by funding a student or graduate as a project.  Often referred to as a ‘Payroll Service’, the key features of our employment service includes:

  • Employing students and graduates ourselves so they are added to our headcount and not that of the employer.
  • Obtaining references and performing any credit and personal checks that are a requirement of the position.
  • Completion of contracts of employment and recording all personal data in line with the data protection act.
  • Ensure the submission of P45, P60 and obtaining National Insurance numbers.
  • Organise and manage payroll services, including payment of ENI, Tax and PAYE.
  • We pay our employees at the end of every month, then and only then do we raise an invoice providing clients with 30 to 60 days credit.
  • Assisting students and graduates with tax and NI related issues.
  • Comprehensive UK & International Screening Checks.
  • Will be on hand for advice and support throughout the length of the time the student/graduate is with you.

Job Advertising

Through our very own experience we have learnt to appreciate that different organisations and different vacancies all have their own unique requirements. Therefore, we are now offering companies to use this service, to advertise their vacancies to students and graduates looking for student placements and Internships.

  • Package 1
    £50 /Month
    • Advertised on SES Jobs Board
    • Targeted Email Campaign
    • Dedicated page inc. Company images
    • Promoted on Social Network Channels
    • All Applications sent to desired mailbox

*To Purchase any of the above packages, please email us or phone us to go through the process.
(Prices excludes VAT)