Why recruit a graduate?

If you are looking to recruit or hire graduates for your business, we can save you time and effort by finding you the best-quality graduates for your vacancy. But in this difficult economic climate, a huge number of high-level graduates are competing for the available jobs. So what sets a graduate apart from other applicants and the benefits of hiring a graduate?

Return on Investment (ROI)
Recent research shows that employers can expect a return of between 500% and 800% when they hire new graduates, meaning that those initial recruitment and training expenses will pay for themselves.

This is the big selling point for most employers when it comes to employing graduates. Graduates come into the workplace with energy and drive, ready to learn and contribute fresh thinking to your organisation. Employers frequently tell us that this helps increase productivity across the workforce.

Specialist skills
Depending on the sector you work in and the kind of roles you’re recruiting, a graduate with specialist skills could be right up your street. It’s particularly useful for fields like IT, engineering, accountancy or marketing, but you might be surprised to see what specialist skills other graduates can offer.

Transferable skills
Look out for examples like these on candidates’ CVs:

* Written and oral communication
* Problem-solving
* Presentation
* Organisation
* Data analysis

Don’t they sound like exactly the sort of skills your organisation is crying out for? Many graduates will also have honed these skills in the workplace, either in part-time jobs or on work placements.

To get through university, students are required to manage their own time and prioritise their workloads. Employers often comment that self-motivation means graduates work with enthusiasm and a willingness to take on new challenges – and are conscientious about keeping to deadlines.

Most graduates will have undertaken group projects during their studies, and employers frequently comment that they are excellent team players. Those who have taken gap years or attended work placements will also have experience working as part of a team in a range of environments.

Are you looking to recruit a graduate?