Why recruit a Student?

Recruiting or hiring a university student can be a useful way to drive your business project forward because of the day-to-day pressures might not otherwise be undertaken.

By offering student a placement, your business will gain new ideas and fresh enthusiasm, as well as a cost-effective flexible solution to your recruitment needs. You could view the placement as an extended interview and selection process, giving you the chance to assess future graduate employees.

How long does the student placement last?
Many of the university degrees have a 12 month period of employment built into the structure of the course and this is an integral part of a student’s education. This period, called a industrial placement or a undergraduate placement, enables the student to gain valuable and relevant work experience and also benefits employers by offering them a chance to take on fresh, intelligent and enthusiastic students. (We aslo recognise that any length work experience is a valid experience. Therefore if you wish to offer a shorter placement, perhaps over the summer, then we would love to hear from you.)

Today’s University students can:
* help you be more profitable
* help reduce costs
* make better use of time
* focus on business issues and solutions
* bring IT skills and knowledge of new technologies

These are just some of the advantages that a placement student could bring to your organisation.

What services are available by SES?
Our services benefits host organisations by searching and employing their placement students for them. SES works alongside the host organisation to deliver a service that is non intrusive, allowing the host to reap the benefits a placement student can bring. SES has a wealth of experience in tailoring its service to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes, and across all sectors. Our success has been built on delivering a bespoke service to every client, and providing support to both client and student throughout the placement.

Our sourcing & selection service includes:
* Advertising your vacancy to our registered students and to universities across UK and Ireland
* Marking and assessing all applications individually (based on your criteria)
* Selecting the best students for you to interview

Our employment service includes:
* Employing the student ourselves so they are added to our head-count and not yours
* Invoicing to a budget of your choice
* Handling all admin and everything concerning payroll, which free up valuable time and resources
* Dedicated hands on support and advice throughtout the year to you and the student

If you like to receive more information on the advantages of taking on a student in your organisation then please get in touch.

Are you looking to recruit or hire a Student?