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It’s not uncommon as a fashion undergraduate to submit that final essay and walk out of the submissions office with both a sense of relief and a slightly uneasy feeling in your stomach. With thousands of graduates competing each year to land their dream job, that ‘uneasy feeling’ is likely caused by not having the faintest idea where you’ll be going next, or how to get yourself onto the right path.

It’s important to get all the help you can when you start your journey into the fashion world so we asked Emma-Jayne Daniels, Content Marketing Executive at to explain her role in fashion marketing and how she landed her role with the company:

“My advice for someone wanting to get into the industry is to get as much experience as possible, no job is too small and you never know what it may lead to or who you might meet along the way – open as many doors as you can.”

Internships and work experience can make your CV stand out and give you the skills to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry. While a specific degree isn’t strictly necessary, it can help you decide where in the industry you want to work. The lecturers you meet there can also give you advice and even industry contacts for when you first start out.

“I studied International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University – I loved my course so a career in fashion marketing has always been inevitable! I also love writing and freelance outside of work – interesting extracurricular activities add interest and expand your CV. It was my writing that helped me get this role as the boohoo marketing department required someone who was particularly strong in this area – I am everyone’s go-to spellchecker!

Don’t be afraid to stand out – opportunities arise all the time and if you made an impression on someone it is likely they will remember you and happily recommend you for those opportunities. Showing passion and an eager participation within the industry is also a good edge to have – tweet, blog, write – enthusiasm is often the main quality employers look for.”

“Marketing can be fast-paced and tiring, but ultimately fun and rewarding when a project or idea comes together!

I look after all UK and European advertising which involves selecting suitable shoot imagery for different publications – I love seeing an image I have selected in one of my favourite magazines like Elle, Company and Look magazine.

A typical day for me is usually based in the office working on ongoing projects such as Style Fix magazine, for which I am the editor. Once all the work is done for one issue and it has gone to the printers it’s time to start on the next! I love being the editor though, there’s no better feeling than when a new issue lands on my desk fresh from the printers! I’m magazine obsessed so actually working on one is like a dream come true!

The best moment of my career so far…pioneering a recent blogger project was pretty cool. I got to meet some of my favourite bloggers and then join them in their hometowns for a boohoo photo shoot – I got to travel to Los Angeles, New York and parts of Europe, sometimes on my own, which was character building – it was my first time in New York and I went on my own and I can honestly say I had the best time ever. Seeing my very first editor’s letter in print was pretty surreal and seeing my writing in print never gets old!”

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