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Graduated from university during the summer? Or thinking ahead to what happens after you finish? There are a million questions that go through your mind when you’re considering your options for the future – which sector? What’s more important, pay or doing something you enjoy? What if you make the wrong decision? Where do you start?

Working in the IT industry not only has great opportunities for career progression but has a whole host of job benefits.

High demand in the digital age
Job satisfaction, pay, work/life balance and opportunity for growth are just a few factors most people look for in a career. In today’s temperamental job climate, one new factor to throw into the mix is job sustainability. Law, medical and government jobs are well known for their job stability, but in the digital age one profession that cannot be missed off this coveted list is working in the IT sector.

From website designers and programmers to IT support, the demand for IT professionals comes in a variety of forms. Living in the digital age means that we depend on information technology experts to not only maintain the computers we use at work or design the websites for marketing our companies but also with how we communicate with each other on a day to day basis by developing programs and our social media channels

The pay
Whilst money can’t buy you happiness earning a decent wage will mean you can live comfortably. Depending on the IT career you choose you could be earning up to 60k a year.

There’s a role for everyone
Whilst there’s no doubt that working in IT will mean you have an interest and flair for current and emerging technologies, there are plenty of different roles to explore depending on your skill set. If you’re creative, forward-thinking and imaginative as well as having the technological interest to back it up then a career as a web design professional might be one such option to explore. Getting qualified as a web designer through an online course such as those offered by Computeach is one way you can kick-start your career as an IT professional.

Or if you’re a people person, what about a career in IT support? Or if you’re interested in pushing boundaries, what about a programmer?

You’ll be part of the future
As more and more companies take their businesses online, working in the IT industry will mean that you’ll be part of shaping the future of how businesses connect with consumers or how we connect with other people.

Overseas opportunities
Finding a job within the IT sector isn’t limited to the UK either. The digital phenomenon is a global one, especially in forward-thinking technology hubs such as Beijing and Tokyo, so if you’re looking at gaining international work experience the IT industry is a great place to start.

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