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Catalyst Founders, based in Oxford, has an ambitious target; to invest in 50 young founders over the next 3 years. CF seeks to invest in innate entrepreneurial talent, providing investment, a support structure and a strong network to enable young would-be founders to achieve their entrepreneurial potential.

Stephen Barnett, the founder of CF, is passionate about providing an alternative to traditional graduate careers:

“When I left university, my commercial options were limited largely to ever-present corporates; there were few alternatives for graduates with a great eye for spotting opportunity and a willingness to take a risk. CF aims to provide a credible alternative to traditional professions by providing an elite, fast-track to entrepreneurial success”.

CF are looking to support the next generation of makers, creators and retailers from across the UK, backing founders that have a passion for their idea and a drive to build a large company.

If you have a great idea, a passion for business and unbridled ambition, you are the right fit for CF. The fund has no specific sector or geographic focus, believing that a diverse set of founders and ideas result in creative destruction across the network.

For more information on how to apply, please visit www.catalystfounders.com.

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