Top 5 reasons why an internship abroad increases your employability

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As the world develops and employers are looking for something more than just a degree. More and more students each year are leaving their homes in search for an international internship. The impact of an internship abroad on your career varies from person to person. However, a few underlying factors are true, regardless of your future job title.

Traveling abroad to a foreign country is one of the best ways to show your independence. Think about it, you’ve managed your finances and planned each step you’re going to be taking while you’re abroad. This shows employers that you know how to be independent and self-reliant. They’re looking for someone who can take responsibility and manage their workload without having to be micro-managed every step of the way. Going abroad proves that you can take the initiative to peruse your own goals and produce an outcome.

Problem-solving skills
Problems, while you’re abroad; especially for first-time travelers, will be unavoidable. Whether this may be due to your visa situations or getting lost in the city, problems are inevitable. The way you adapt and use your surroundings to your advantage is perfect proof to have when you return home and start applying for jobs. Employers will see that you can work well under pressure and you don’t let problems affect you, instead, you can solve them. This shows that you are someone who thinks outside the box and takes the necessary steps to resolve any issues you may face.

If anything, the skills you learn while you’re abroad are transferable. E.g., ‘I Moved to France with no knowledge of French and no money yet I still managed to make it work and I can also get through this 30-minute presentation.’

Learning opportunity
Working abroad gives you a chance to widen your arisen and learn new things every day. For instance, if you move to a country that does not speak English or a language you don’t understand, you’ll have to learn ways to communicate and fast. This can mean learning the language which will look amazing on your CV, and it can help differentiate you from other candidates. Additionally, your cultural knowledge will develop simultaneously making you a more culturally sensitive person and a desirable hire.

An internship abroad will also widen your network, giving you more opportunities to find a job in the future as well as develop valuable business relationships that can help progress your career goals to an international level. Lastly, according to Forbes magazine, the chances that your internship will turn into a full-time job is more than half (60%), so make the most out of it while you can.

Most students have dreams of traveling the world but use the excuse of time and finances to prevent them from living their dream. With an internship abroad, you can kill both birds with one stone. There are many internships abroad that offer the student a paid position as well as traveling opportunities. For instance, is a housing platform that is always on a lookout for students that want to gain vulnerable experience in the Netherlands. Plus, the Netherlands is located near Germany, Paris, and Belgium giving you the opportunity to travel Europe. Employers look for all rounded candidates, and if you have ‘travel’ under your belt, you’re on your way to being an unstoppable candidate.

An opportunity of a lifetime
This article has mainly focused on how you can impress your future employer; however, an internship abroad is a life-changing experience for you. You learn, you change, and most people even figure out what they truly want out of life. It might be the first time you’re leaving your comfort zone and stepped into adulthood. What you thought you wanted might change after your internship. Your goals and motivations could also change from just making money to helping people or traveling the world and meeting new people. Whatever you decide to do, always take it as a learning opportunity that will lead to your personal growth and development.

Overall, You don’t know if you’ll like something until you try it and I guarantee you that you will enjoy your internship abroad.

Written by Shalom Tefera

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