From student to job hunter: the simplest way of getting yourself noticed

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Graduating from university is one of the biggest moments in any student’s life, but when graduation has been and gone it’s important to take the necessary steps in finding a job. From searching through the pages of job websites, to contacting the employers directly, it can be hard to make yourself stand out.

Selling yourself in a few key words that will make an employer remember you is a skill in itself, but by using something as simple as a business card to network, means an employer is more likely to remember who you are and what you are about. You will not be the only person who is applying for a job or trying to get noticed by a company and in an age where everything is digital, a simple business card, which fits directly into an employer’s wallet or pocket, will mean they have something with them which points directly to you.

Business cards don’t have to be boring, you can use them to show your flare and creativity in order to make yourself stand out. It’s all about advertising yourself, and you can include all your contact details, like your LinkedIn profile, Facebook address and even your twitter name as well as the standard contact number and email address.

Make your business card something that employers would want to look at, include a photo of yourself if you think this will help sell your skills, or use something creative to make your employer remember you. Lego figures, mini skateboards and humour have all been ways people have used business cards to get themselves noticed.

A lot of students will leave university and chose to start up their own business or go freelance. Business cards can be an essential part of networking, they will enable you to meet new potential clients and will allow you to give them something to remember you by. You can use your business card to show the potential client what your business is about, or even offer them something with your information on. If you are looking for a creative business card, companies such as Instant Print can help guide you in the best design, shape and look for your card.

The important thing is to make yourself stand out. For many graduates this is essential and being able to show your professionalism and creativity will help you get noticed.

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