19 Cheap & Clever Decorating Ideas for Student Accommodation

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Student accommodation – you may only be there for a short while (depending on the length of your degree programme) but you’ll be spending a lot of time within those four walls – for studying, pre-drinks, sleeping etc. With that in mind, you should try and make that place feel as homely as you can by adding some of your personality to it.

It’s no secret that student accommodation isn’t the most luxurious but with a few personal touches, it can be transformed into a cosy haven.  If the place is always chilly, extra blankets will keep you warm. If you’re feeling a bit homesick, print off all those snaps from Facebook and Instagram and pin them on the wall.

Need more information? We’ve got you covered.

“19 Cheap & Clever Decorating Ideas for Student Accommodation” offers some tips to transform your student accommodation into a place that’s buzzing with your own personality and style.

Student Accommodation

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