Student Engineer

Job Description
cellXica are looking for two talented students to join their small experienced team, to work on some exciting projects over the summer period. Each of the following projects, below, are designed to enhance the use of these platforms for developers and customers.  The successful candidates will work under the supervision of one of their engineers.  They will agree a plan and hold regular reviews whilst they work through the development.

Development of a GUI to simplify management of a number of SC5 platforms
Engineers often work with a number of SC5 platforms, typically over an ssh connection.  To make their lives easier, they wish to develop a tool to perform the configuration and monitoring functions via a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.  For example, they might wish to configure one platform to be an LTE base station and another to act as an interference, and then to confirm power levels and carrier frequencies. The GUI is likely to be based on a third-party application framework, so some experience developing using SDKs would be ideal. We typically develop on Linux and Wi, so experience of development on at least one of these is essential as is working knowledge of C++ programming.

Development of a GUI for a radio scanner
One of their products can be configured to scan particular radio bands looking for cellular base stations.  It then reports characteristics of the each base station found, including type (GSM, UMTS, LTE), frequency, bandwidth and so on.  They currently have a text based interface and a simple graphical interface, but want to develop a more sophisticated web based interface that can be seen via popular web browsers. Prior experience of Javascript, HTML, CSS and Web Sockets are likely to be necessary, in order to complete the project within the timescales.

Development of an automated test report generation system
A key part of their work is to measure the performance of their products.  To do this efficiently they have automated a number of test and measurement procedures. They want to enhance these by adding the capability to generate automatically test reports that they include in the products’ technical files, which are used as evidence that they satisfy the requirements for CE marking. The tool will be developed on Linux, using shell scripts, C/C++ and, probably latex.  Prior experience of shell programming and C/C++ programming is essential and knowledge of latex is desirable.

Prototyping a GUI for SC5-based test equipment
They often use their SC5 platforms as test equipment.  They are not as highly specified as the more expensive test kit that is commercially available, but sometimes having something simple and available is more useful.  In the past they have developed applications, such as a spectrum analyser for in-house use, but they are now considering making them available to others.  To do this, they will need a better user interface than they typically use themselves, and this project is concerned with prototyping such an interface. The GUI will run on .NET, initially on Windows and probably using a plotting library.  Prior experience of developing GUIs and programming in such environments is highly desirable.

Person Requirements
* Suitable for students about to enter the final year of their electronic/computer science/software engineering degree or similar
* Practical knowledge of C++ programming
* Prior experience of Javascript, HTML, CSS and Web Sockets
* Prior experience of shell programming and C/C++ programming (essential)
* Experience developing in SDKs
* Working knowledge on Linux or Wi (essential)
* Knowledge of latex (desirable)
* Prior experience of developing GUIs and programming on .NET or similar (desirable)
* Ability to take the initiative
* Exhibits professionalism
* Ability to plan and prioritise with patience
* Ability to manage multiple tasks and deliver to deadlines
* Solves problems
* Communicates effectively

Quick Info
Type: Undergrad – Summer Placement
Duration: 8 weeks
Salary: £15,000 pro-rata
Location: Cambridge, London
Start Date: June 2018
Hours: Full time (Mon – Fri)
No of Vacancies: 2

* Opportunity to work with a small and experienced team.
* Free on-site parking

cellXica develop cellular base stations (GSM, UMTS and LTE) and other wireless products that run on a common Software Defined Radio platform, which they call the SC5.  The platform includes a Xilinx Zynq FPGA, which has two ARM processor cores: one running Linux and the other on their own RTOS.

Application Process
Apply by sending in your up-to-date CV and a short cover letter highlighting your interest in the role, skills required and what you wish to gain from this placement.

* Please note on your letter the two projects you are interested in working on or if you are open to any of the four.