Under 24? Have a great idea? What are you waiting for?!

At Catalyst Founders, we seek to find the next generation of entrepreneurs. We provide investment, to get the company off the ground, a support structure, to keep the company on the straight and narrow and an all-important network, to help young founders survive and thrive.

We want to entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, from across the country. If you are passionate about your idea and think your have what it takes to be a great entrepreneur we want to hear from you!

* We want young people with a passion for a particular idea or industry.
* You must have a well thought through idea; you do not need to have generated revenue but understanding clearly how your idea will be profitable and grow is important.
* Business savvy is useful but not essential – we will help support you as you start out on your entrepreneurial journey.
* We are looking across the country, and don’t expect you to relocate.
* You must have displayed some entrepreneurial instinct, though it doesn’t have to be large (or successful!). An eBay business, selling ice creams outside your school, running a charity event, they all show signs of entrepreneurial dynamism.

How to Apply
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